The Machinery & Equipment Division of Lanka Development Network (Pvt) Limited represents a wide range of reputed international suppliers and maintains all machinery supplied through a fully equipped workshop and factory trained technical personnel.

Some of the specialized vehicles supplied are:

* Road construction equipment
Gully Suckers & Combined Jetting equipment
* Water tankers
* Fire fighting vehicles
* Road Sweepers
* Dredgers
* Grass cutting equipment
* Crane trucks
* Sewerage maintenance equipment such as bucket winching machine & Rodding machines
* Drilling equipment

Vehicles & Equipment

LDN has its own fleet of vehicles and equipment to transport and assist in performing the many specialized and other projects of the company

Vehicles include:

* Cranes for handling heavy material
* Fork Lifts
* Pallet Trucks
* Loading & Transport Trucks

Equipment includes:

* Power Generators
* Air Compressors
* Arc & Gas Welding Equipment
* Machining & Milling Equipment

After Sales Services

Much emphasis is laid on providing comprehensive after sales service in keeping with the international norms of LDN’s reputed Principal suppliers

The service features:

* Dedicated technical teams
* Onsite defect analysis and rectification
* Prompt response
* On call solutions and trouble shooting
* Lifelong product support
* Equipment & Knowhow

In – House Training

* LDN has its own Training Centre for the Purpose of providing basic technical knowhow and practical training for own staff as well as for personnel from client organizations.

* The Training Centre is fully air-conditioned, capable of seating up to sixty (60) persons and equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment and sample products to provide practical training.


LDN has two storage facilities located in close proximity to its Head Office, within city limits.

The facilities feature:

* Storage facilities consist of 15,000sq.ft covered and 18,000sq.ft open space with open yard.
* Segmented storage racks for organized storage and quick retrieval
* High rise walls providing complete enclosure with CCTV system and 24 hour security service
* Ample space for parking and convenient movement of loading vehicles and trucks
* Fire protection mechanism


Situated in Rattanapitiya, the LDN workshop is manned by a cadre of skilled and experienced technical personnel and is well equipped with:

* Stand-by Power Generators, Compressors, Arc & Gas welding plants
* Overhead Cranes, Fork Lifts etc., for handling heavy material
* Facilities for repairing of Pumps, Motors, Chlorinators and other machinery & equipment
* Facilities for Non-destructive testing & Pressure testing
* Availability of certified Welders