It all began in 1990.When two like minded gentlemen with diverse professional Inclinations decided to pool their knowledge and acumen for a common cause.

The engineering skills of one together With the financial and management skills of the other gave birth to a business of Engineering Service.

In 1992,the business was established under the name of Lanka Development Network(Private)Limited as Engineering Contractors for Electromechanical works In the water Industry.

Within a span of five years the company Expanded its business with a new Division For the supplyof Machinery and Equipment For construction and Municipal applications.

With the expansion of business and the need for a more spacious and modern office the company moved into its very own four-storied complex in 1997.

The Vision of LDN

To stay in tune at all times With technological and service developments in advanced management of engineering service,and providing a one-stop shop for customer requirements.

The Mission of LDN

To protect the environment and to serve mankind by providing efficient engineering services.
Our Managing Director
KanagasabaiNagarajahB.Sc (Engineering),University of Moratuwa.Askilled Engineer ,counting over thirty yearsexperience in water supply,waste water and water treatment. “Ever since my introduction, as a young Engineering entrepreneur to the water Industry,my thirst has been to satisfy the ever increasing demand for purified potable water in Sri Lanka by providing the best of services using advanced technology and know-how.

The incorporation of Lanka Development Network (LDN) has been the fountain of pure water through which I continue to quench my thirst.

Our association with specialized international companies in the field of water supply and sewerage continues to grow at a steady paceaffording us the distinct advantage of serving every need of our client base,be it a small individual requirement or a project of national proportion.

The infrastructure of our company too continues to improve, simultaneously,providing convenient and congenial working conditions for employees which, in return enhances their efficiency and enthusiasm.I personally make every effort to provide the staff with opportunities to enhance their knowledgein their respective fields of work.

We move forward as a team with the one aim of providing Sri Lankathe best in Water and Waste Water Management”
Our Directror of finance & Administration
Lalinda Perera ,counts over twenty –five in financial management and administration ,and his expertise in these areas provides the backbone the company builds on.

“The success of Lanka Development Network(LDN) can be attributed to two major factors;the highly qualified and skilled engineering and technical services we offer,and the appropriate infrastructure we have in place for efficient financial and administrative management.

Through Careful investment in developing areas of the company that are key to our business we have been able to succeed in establishing the required infrastructure and maintaining levels of constant updating in technology and human resources with disciplined financial management.

Twenty years on ,we can now proudly boast of the multitude and expanse of projects handled by us and the confidence we have built amongst clients ,trading partners and suppliers as a stable institution with the capacity to handle any size of project in the engineering filed’’